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The Welcome Message:

I hereby welcome you to my website where you will find some topics of your interest and you are requested to leave your message, opinions or suggestions via Contact Me.

I would like to introduce myself as a mid-level management personal with humorous and friendly nature.  Kindly see The Author page of this website to know more about myself.

This is my first effort to develop website.  I am always interested to explore my potentials in a unique and distinctive way.  Whenever, I was surfing internet and viewing different websites, I was usually thinking to develop my own website where I can express my feelings and share my opinions.   Hence, forced by my own innovative approach, I stepped forward to put my will into reality and started to compile this website considering following purposes;

  1. To tell about myself in a unique, impressive and distinguished fashion.
  2. To share my feelings, to express my opinions and get others'.
  3. To serve it as my RESUME to attract the attention of potential recruiters.
  4. To learn & practice to develop & maintain a website.
  5. To enlist my potential of creativity, innovation and thoughts.
  6. To serve the people within my capacities, if there is any query thru this website.

Please go through the various contents of the website thru below links.  I hereby thank you for your attention and wish you all the best...

Best Regards,


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