Present Job Profile (Current Experience)

 M.H. Al-Muftah Est.
 P.O. Box 8348, Doha, State of Qatar
In-Charge for Management, Operation and Control of Admin & Technical Affairs
from 10th August 2000 till today
Scope Outline
 Electro-Mechanical Maintenance, Contracting & Trading
Work Industry
 MEP Maintenance, Contracting & Trading
 MEP Installation and Renovation
 Arena, Stadiums and Street Lighting Design & Installation
 Industrial Motors & Pumps Repairing & Maintenance
 Low Current Systems (CCTV, PAS, A/V,) Maintenance
 Fire Alarm & Fire Fighting System Maintenance
 Small Civil Rehabilitation Works
(As detailed below)
Operation & Administration (O&A) Process Flow
Management & Control of Admin & Technical Affairs
Management Representation
Effective Recording & Document Control Functions
Human Resources Management (HRM)
Business Correspondance & Communication
Business Development, Tenders / Quotations
Procurement & Logistics
Support to Accounts & Finance
Technical Support Services
Management of Company Profile & Website
Acting Services Manager
Extended Technical Support (Project Backend)


In August 2000, I was appointed as Workshop Controller for Admin & Technical Affairs to lead the team of only 12 employees in the division. I served the division in almost all aspects like administration, operations, management, procurement, HRM, client liaison, business reporting, etc. Due to gradual expansion of business, the strength of division rose up along with my role and responsibilities and gradually the number of employees reached up to 350 persons. I have a track of sustained career growth where I have successfully developed and implemented the whole operations, administration and management concepts. 

Following is my career path with current employer;

From Aug-2000 to Feb-2003

Workshop Controller for Admin & Technical Affairs

From Mar-2003 to Dec-2004
Admin & Technical Support Officer (at Head Office)
From Jan-2005 to date
In-Charge of Operations and Administration (at Division Office)

Operations & Administration (O&A) Process Flow:

I am playing a central role in outlining, implementing, monitoring and supervising all types of operational procedures and administration formats of the Division.  Such activities includes, but not limited to, following;

  1. Outlining, reviewing & modifying division's procedures, strategies & policies
  2. Interactions with higher management to discuss and outline corporate business policies
  3. Chairing meetings with subordinate and projects' staff to discuss and brief the practicality of procedures and policies
  4. Practical implementation of policies and procedures to achieve organization goals
  5. Monitoring the performance and productivity of on-going process flow
  6. Bringing necessary amendments & adjustments in on-going policies and procedures to rectify the defects (if any) and/or to improve performance and efficiency
  7.  Reviewing company policies for cost & time saving and recommend change needs for discussion and approval of higher management
  8. Ensuring strict compliance to business strategies and policies
  9. Preparing and presenting special reports for higher management which may includes division's profitability, staff performance, recruitment needs, process flow reviews and change needs

Management & Control of Admin & Technical Affairs:

I am exclusively responsible to manage and control admin & technical affairs, including but not limited to following;

  1. Assigning tasks & monitoring admin staff to get works done on time
  2. Responsible to implement management orders, instructions and advises
  3. Coaching subordinates for optimal utilization of software skills especially MS Office for swift and efficient performance in daily works
  4. Scrutinizing, discussing and understanding the conflicts and disorders (both staff and procedures) and adopting practical and strategic solutions to resolve the issues
  5. Provide admin & technical support to higher management, technical staff, customers and clients
  6. Ensuring the availability of active admin support to project staff and other departments
  7. Effective liaison with other departments like finance/accounts, purchasing, trading & head office
  8. Reviewing all incoming documents (emails, faxes, inquiries, etc.) and replying accordingly
  9. Ensuring swift response to memos, complaints and queries
  10. Supervising cashier and ensuring the smooth flow of petty cash
  11. Ensuring to maintain discipline and punctuality of subordinates
  12. Ensuring a pleasant, focused and attentive work environment
  13. Reviewing and approving material requisitions, office supplies, etc.
  14. Effective utilization of admin resources i.e. stationeries, copiers, IT equipments, etc.

Management Representative:

I also service MHM  as Management Representative and play an important role to represent MHM-Group and its products and services.  I am often asked to attend casual meetings towards tender clarifications, services introductions and customer queries.

  • Effective Recording and Document Control Functions:

As leader of staff, I am also responsible to outline and advise all types of recording and tracking functions (document control functions).  For example;

  1. Utilizing IT resources (computers, printers, scanners), I am exclusively designing and outlining recording forms, reporting formats (especially in Word & Excel formats) and chairing meetings with staff (admin, coordinating & engineering) for training and practical implementation
  2. Subsequent monitoring the performance and productivity of implemented forms and formats and suggesting revisions, modifications and adjustments for improvements and to rectify problems 
  3. Responsible to ensure fast flow of documents, effective document control system, documents tracking, efficient filing & retrieving, timely responding and all other relevant functions.

  • Human Resources Management (HRM) Functions:

As a key person of the Division, I am also engaged in monitoring HRM functions like;

  1. Interviewing, negotiating and recruiting new staff of all categories like engineers, admin assistants, technicians, site supervisors, facilities admin, etc., etc.
  2. Organizing, induction, orientation and forewarning to new staff to fully understand their job description and company rules & regulations
  3. Performance evaluation, appraising and motivating staff
  4. Approving payrolls, responsible for timely processing of monthly payroll statement, allocating the payroll to running jobs, etc.

  • Business Communication and Correspondence:

I believe that "BETTER COMMUNICATION INVITES MORE OPPORTUNITIES".  Hence, I am keen to improve the quality of internal and external communication.  I am always emphasizing the importance of better / effective communication to my subordinates.  Communication aspects includes both verbal & written like telephonic conversation, correspondence, emailing, etc.,

  1. Writing business letter, responding to queries & complaints, client inquiries and all type of business conversation with clients, customers and suppliers
  2. Attending clients/supplier's calls and satisfying the callers for their queries
  3. Dictating, reviewing and counter-signing all Inter-Office Memos of the division
  4. Regular and frequent coaching to subordinates and project staff for effective and pleasant communication with clients and customers in both written and verbal communication

  • Business Development : New Tenders & Quotation:

I am also responsible to evaluate and prepare tender bids for Annual MEP Maintenance Contract. It includes, but not limited to, following; 

  1. Study the terms, conditions and specification of tender in detail
  2. Highlighting important / critical terms & conditions
  3. Collecting prices from suppliers & sub-contractors as necessary
  4. Preparing cost estimates covering all financial & technical aspects
  5. Reporting to and interacting with higher management to finalize bid value
  6. Preparing manpower structure, work plans and others as necessary
  7. Writing Commercial & Technical Offer Letters, Memorandum of Procedures
  8. Preparing technical proposals highlighting company's technical competencies & expertise
  9. Compiling, closing, sealing and depositing tender documents
  10. Responding to post tenders technical and commercial clarifications
  11. Preparing general quotations and relevant pre & post queries for small jobs

  • Procurement Functions:

    I am responsible to manage and control all procurement functions for the division, as support to procurement department. It includes minimum following;

    1. Reviewing, approving & signing Purchase Orders (LPO) 
    2. Reviewing, approving & signing Sites Material Requisition
    3. Reviewing, approving & signing admin & HR supplies requisitions
    4. Reviewing and approving quotations
    5. Reviewing Price Comparison Reports

      In addition to above, designed and implemented process flow (thru log sheets) for up-to-date recording and instant reporting various aspects of procurement like;

      1. Detail of Site Material Requisitions sent/pending in purchase department
      2. Detail of LPOs issued/pending/waiting for deliveries
      3. Supplier's payment requests to accounts department
      4. Any-Time/Period report of Purchase Orders
      5. History of POs, Suppliers, Invoices, etc.

      Support to Accounts and Finance Departments:

      Further responsible to provide needed support to accounts and finance departments like;

      1. Sales invoices: calculations, evaluation, printing, statements & follow-ups
      2. Supervising & monitoring petty cash requirement, allocation and reimbursement
      3. Monthly salaries statement & its allocation to projects (over 350 employees)
      4. Cash and Credit Purchases Statements, Supplier's statements
      5. Sub-Store's material receipts / transfers and inventory records
      6. Responsible to answer queries and explanations to external auditors during annual audit
      7. Responsible to plan and discuss accounting formats and procedures for on-going and new projects. It includes Bank Guarantees, WIP reporting formats, invoicing calculations and formats, retention claims, Advance recouping, etc.
      8. Responsible to prepare Statement of Receivables based on invoicing vs receipts records.
      9. Preparing annual reports of sales, payrolls, purchases, etc., for division head for his reference, information and forecasting

      Technical Support Services:

      My understanding and tendency on technical matters have strengthened my position and respect in the eyes of higher management and technical staff. I am providing technical support services in various aspects. Few of them are stated below;

      1. Providing necessary information regarding tender's terms and conditions, scope of services, O&A procedures, relationship with client, and other topics necessary for smooth execution of contract.
      2. Chairing meetings with technical staff and delivering talks on definitions, nature and boundaries of Preventive Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Emergency Maintenance and Events Management activities.
      3. Coaching technical staff, with the support of engineers, to improve the quality and quantity of site works, recording site activities on forms and log sheets, periodic progress reporting, etc., etc.
      4. Providing background support to engineering staff by discussing the site issues & problems and their possible solutions.

      Updating Division's Profile and Web Page:

      Exclusively compiled Company Profile for Maintenance Division which reflects division's strength, scope of services, capacities and other details. It is used for different occasions like introduction, pre-qualification submittals, tender submittals, etc. I am updating it from time to time for current requirements and future opportunities.

      Division's profile on company's webpage is also outlined and narrated by myself. It is modified from time to time with my consultation. Please visit "Facility Management" section in company's website

      Responsibilities as Acting Services Manager:

         Performing as Acting Services Manager (Division Head) during his vacation and business trips. At this position, I am authorized to sign documents and make decisions on behalf of services manager.

        In this aspect, I am fully responsible for all Operational and Financial obligations of the Division which I have satisfactorily performed.

        Extended Support for Specialized Services:

         I am always interested to interact and explore my potentials for the benefits and growth of the company. Few examples are given below;

        July-October 2012: Lead the team of Maximo Operators & site engineers and conducted series of meetings with client's system administrators to review and outline work flow process and to finalize the designs of forms and formats for effective utilization of MAXIMO CMMS 

        During period from Year 2002 to 2009, I had been actively participating in preparation of electrical drawings and schematic layouts and shop & as-built drawings using AutoCAD for various systems like floodlighting, electrical control panels, lighting control panels for MEP installation projects.

        March-April 2008: Prepared Lighting Proposal (using AGI32 Lighting Software) for 13 Nos. Various Sports Fields for Ras Laffan Housing Community. In 2006, similar lighting proposal was prepared for Six Football Grounds at 3 Nos. Grade-II Clubs

        May 2007: Prepared Annual Preventive Maintenance Plan (PPM Checklists) for MEP Equipments and Installations for the 1st time, which became the basic documents to carry out preventive maintenance activities at site. These checklists are still under use with minor modifications from time to time as per new requirements.


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