Key Assignments & Achievements

Since my joining with MHM, I am proud to say that I have been given number of special assignments and Alhamdulillah I have accomplished the same with satisfactory outcomes.  Some of the examples are quoted below for reflecting the image of nature of jobs I have accomplished.

Overall Administration Setup:

Since joining, I am fully responsible to outline and implement administration structure of Maintenance Division.  I am successful in this responsibility with satisfactory results.

Overall Projects Controller:

I am also fully engaged in providing complete admin & technical support to maintenance, renovation and installation projects.


Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) Tenders :  Since my joining (Aug-2000), I am assigned and exclusively involved in in evaluating, finalization, preparation and submission all types of Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) Tenders.

Tenders other than AMCs, From Aug-2000 to Jun-2010, I was exclusively preparing & submitting all types of MEP Installation & Renovation Tenders, till an estimation engineer is appointed by company.

Set Right the Project:

    April 2012 to January 2013: In April 2012, I was assigned a task to direct and set-right the operations and admin structure of on-going contract for MEP Maintenance at Eight First Grade Clubs, which is under responsibility of its Project Manager. The task included following;

    1. Investigate the conflicts and problematic areas in project's performance, especially the reasons of financial losses in past three years and suggest / implement corrective measures
    2. Re-design the entire structure of operations and administration
    3. Cover-up of financial losses during past three years due to poor management and control
    4. Coach/train project's staff to upgrade performance and to bring the project's flow up-to-date.

    This task was successfully achieved by January 2013 with recovery of substantial amount of financial losses and the entire system was up-to-dated with new structure for smooth flow in future.

    Assigned Responsibilities as Project Manager / Supervisor:

    April 2006 till February 2013: I was assigned Project Manager for Annual MEP Maintenance Services at Doha Racing & Equestrian club. It is a mid sized MEP Maintenance Contract which is extended and re-awarded at various times based on its excellent performance

    June 2007 to March 2010: I was assigned as project manager for Annual Call-Off Contract for Electrical Maintenance for Various Buildings under Qatar Ministry of Interior. This contract was also extended for two terms based on good performance.

    April 2007 till June 2011: I was assigned as project manager for Annual AC Maintenance for various buildings & mosques under Qatar Ministry of Municipality and Qatar Ministry of Awqaf

    Year 2002-2003: I had managed and site supervised company's 1st Project for Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Floodlighting Systems at Old Rayyan Sports Club. In this project, 8 Nos. 21Mtr High Masts with 1500W Floodlight Fittings were installed to enlighten the Football Ground.

    Year 2004: I was assigned as project manager cum supervisor for Renovation of 8 Nos. 14Mtr High Masts and installation of 1500W floodlight fixtures for 2 Nos. Football Grounds at 2 Nos. Schools

    Year 2002: I was given first opportunity to supervise project "Supply of sea water to Gas Exploration Plant for pressure testing of new gas pipeline". This project involved supply, installation, operations and de-installation of 12-16 Nos. diesel operated water pumps and 8-10" rubber/PVC pipelines from Dukhan Beach to Arab-D Gas Plant (approx 6 km) at Dukhan, Qatar


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