To seek a challenging role in a multitasking environment where I can utilize my accumulated experience and professional knowledge to achieve organizational goals more effectively and efficiently along with growth in my career and diversify my experience.

My intensive experience, multitasking skills, leadership vision and imaginative approach gave me confidence to offer my candidacy for a Mid to Senior Level Management positions.


To live a happy life with my family wherever I go.  I seek a moderate level of social life where I am able to facilitate my family with all necessities of life which includes appropriate housing, child education, health, leasure, etc.

My parents are my role models and my moral teachers.  They have main role to bring me up providing me all facilities and necessaties.  My nature and approach is a reflection of their training and edification.  Their efforts can't be rewarded in this world.  I always wish good health for them.

I intent to develop a friendly and careous relationship with relatives, friends and colleagues.  I alway respect my circles to maintain pleasant and healthy relationship.  I always try my best to help others in times of their needs at best of my levels.


I am a moderate & liberal Muslim and intend to upraise my religious faith & pious.  I wish to live and die at Islam.

I realize that there are a lots of missunderstandings and misconceptions about Islam in both Muslim and non-Muslim communities.  I always ask my collegues and fellows to go close to their religions to develop deep understanding in order to realize the truth and falsehood.

Islam (Peace) page of this website is being presented with the intention to give an overview and understanding of basic Islamic concepts, especially those related to daily life of a common man (Muslims and non-Muslims).

May Allah guide me in these regards to get fruits of my efforts (Aameen).


In todays' world, one's nation (country) is his identity and poise.  Being a Pakistani national, I always wish to see a strong, stable and prosperous Pakistan having peaceful and friendly relations with bordering nations and rest of the world.

Qatar is my second country where I am currently resident.  Qatar have facilitated me to live and earn since Year 2000.  My equal regards go to the State of Qatar and its nationals who have given opportunities to expatriates to serve Qatar.

In the same time, I strongly wish PEACE & CALM in the world.  Our earth is the only living place for humans (as of now) and it should not become a battle field of communities, religions and countries.  Domination race between nations (countries) is making this world (earth) an unsafe place where there are fears and threats of destruction every where, especially in third world countries.  This domination actions are generating reactions which are not at all in the interest of human beings.

Hence, I wish and request every one to play his role and his level best efforts to retain this world a safe, secure and natural place to live.


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