Skills, Aptitudes & Capabilities

Formulation and Implementation of Procedures, Policies & Strategies:

Procedures in Hard Formats: I am independently engaged in planning, designing, formulating and implementing the procedures, policies and strategies for the division, conferring with higher management and project personnel. All procedures are prepared in electronic formats (like Flow Charts, Excel Forms) and are well briefed & acquainted to concerned staff through digital presentations.

Procedures in Soft Formats: Using softwares, I am exclusively designing, reviewing and modifying various reporting formats and recording forms as per requirements for efficient management and control. A number of log sheets, record-tracking, periodic statements, accounting reports, employees' record, cash flow cycle, etc., have been designed to facilitate admin staff, projects' coordinating staff and site engineers. All such formats are being utilized with outstanding productivity for immediate reporting and satisfactory performance.

Communication System: I am eager to improve communication skills of all employees. I am always emphasizing the importance of quality communication and use of various communication channels especially telephonic / mobile conversation and emails writing. Importance of effective formal and informal conversation is highlighted during meetings which have great positive impact in pleasant communication between our concerned staff and clients.

Accounting & Finance Skills:

I possess strong Accounting & Finance skills due to my accounting / finance qualification and active role in several matters. My intensive training and frequent coaching to subordinates have enabled my teams to produce various types of accounting documents and reports like sales, purchase orders, petty cash, payrolls, cost estimates, vendors, forecasts, etc. In addition, I have working knowledge of Tally 9.0 ERP

Team Player with Leadership Skills:

 I am a team player with leadership qualities in a multitasking environment where meeting deadlines matters. As a leader, I have given intensive training to my subordinates, project staff, site supervisors and engineers in both admin and technical affairs. Current O&A setup is exclusively designed by me which my great success during my tenure.

Technical Understanding:

 By nature, I am interested to and have vision on technical matters. I am playing a key role in admin and technical support services. In this regard, kindly note that;

a.  I am participating in Technical Follow-up meetings with client along with engineers and supervisors. It has given me experience and confidence to swiftly understand technical matters, problems and their resolutions.

b.  Knowing my trend in technical matters, my management had given me chances to explore my potentials by managing and controlling the projects. Few of them quoted in my experience profile for your review.

Project Management and Administration Skills (Maintenance Contracts):

Aside from O&A activities, I am involved in Project Management and Supervision activities for mid sized Annual Maintenance Contracts. I have earned great experience in this aspect by site supervision, team leadership, site inspections, client meetings, negotiations and budget control, etc. It has explored my potential skills and enhanced my confidence in management, administration and leadership.

Communication Skills:

I possess strong spoken & written communication skills in English. Urdu is my native language and Punjabi is mother. I can read, write and understand Arabic business letters with the help of electronic dictionaries, whereas my spoken Arabic skills are basic/working only.

IT / Computer Skills:

I possess strong IT skills. I am a swift software learner and always interested to learn softwares and packages which can help me in my job. I am using computer (especially Word, Excel, Outlook and Visio) for my daily works.

I have working knowledge of several useful softwares like AutoCAD, Google 3D SketchUp, tally ERP, AGI32, Picture IT, etc.

Fluency in typing (40-45 WPM with 95% Accuracy) has given me great support to enhance my computer skills.

Effective Business Reporting Skills:

 I possess sound reporting skills on admin and technical issues. I can prepare various types of business reports using various softwares in comprehensive and effective formats. My reporting fashion is always appreciated by executives due to broadness and uniqueness.

Negotiation Skills:

 I am also involved in Customers Supports Services which includes customers/clients liaison, negotiations, tendering, clients meetings, etc. Hence, I am confident to negotiate with clients based on my knowledge and experience in our products and services. My social and cordial modes of conversations have strong impacts on clients to be convinced and giving preference

Dedication and Commitments to Work:

I am a multitasking person with outstanding dedication and commitment towards growth and prosperity of the company. Due to high volume and great variety of tasks under my responsibilities, I am extending my efforts beyond working hours to compensate my daily work requirements. Due to my loyalty and self-satisfaction principles, I am always thoughtful for progress and improvements of company's business and image.

Driving License:

I have Qatar Driving License (LV) which is transferable to GCC countries.

  • Other Skills:

  1. Facilities Operations, Management & Administration
  2. Independent, Confident and Innovative
  3. Time & Cost Management Skills
  4. Relationships and Teams Building, Organizational and Interpersonal
  5. Adaptability, Creativity and Advancement
  6. Human Resources Management
  7. Liaison/Interaction with Accounts, Finance, Marketing, Sales and other departments
  8. Works well under pressure
  9. Cooperative, Supportive and Social approach
  10. Always eager to maintain healthy working environment and pleasant behaviors
  11. Caring relationship for all from higher management to subordinates & lower staff


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